Re: 40' Autobox cars


Al Brown wrote:

But they sold separate doors, so you could mix & match. Starting with
their model and using their parts, some time back I modelled a B&O
car that had a 14' opening but not four 7' doors -- an 8' main door
and a 6' auxiliary per side. The car could use more details but I
still have it -- one of these years I'll upgrade the thing & bring it
back to Cocoa Beach.
There was a version of the kit decorated for the B&O class M-59 with the
correct width doors [8' and 6'] included in the kit. I maybe guessing,
but I believe Chris Barkan had some input into creating that kit. As
noted for some of the other railroads, the side sills have to be changed
to match those used on the B&O boxcar; and we all know to replace all
the details parts. Of course the Sunshine kit for the M-59 was better,
but I recall did not model the Duryea underframe.

Bob Witt

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