Re: UP flat car

Cyril Durrenberger

Interesting comment. The few times I have told a group about caption data or dates not being correct, with ample evidence to back up the revision, the response has been sort of
"who do you think you are to tell us we are not correct". And many times the get very upset with me. "You are not an official historian or archive person, etc." Therefore, I now do not mention it.

Cyril Durrenberger

Anthony Thompson <> wrote:
Tim O'Connor wrote:
No. The collection has the photo dated "circa 1870" which is clearly
wrong. I can't make out the date on the flat car but it looks like an
1890's date. Does anyone know when that depot in Ogden was built?
It is common for museum and archive photos to have "dates"
attached to them which are years or even decades wrong, based on
evidence right in the photo itself, such as reweigh (not shop) dates.
Two lessons to learn: first, don't trust those "official" dates unless
you can verify them, and second, tell the good folks at that archive
about reweigh dates. Usually they will thank you profusely.

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