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Rod Miller

Hi Gene,

My experience matches that of many others who have
sprayed plastic with solvent-based paints: no problems.
I think problems could arise from wet paint sitting for
a long time on the plastic; that shouldn't occur with
properly mixed paints (paint, thinner, retarder)
applied with good painting technique.

Yes, some of the chemicals mentioned below will attack
your lungs and nervous system no matter where you come
in contact with them.

On the subject of personal safety, IMHO you can't be
too careful. I don a respirator before opening paint/
thinner, take it off when the last container is
closed, log the time used, and toss the filters after
40 hours. Wear appropriate gloves, don't get lacquer
thinner on your skin, as your skin absorbs it.

I'm a real chicken around those chemicals. Respirator,
gloves, no flames/sparks, spray outside, get all
residue of the painting activity (mixing cups, paper
towels, etc.) out of the room ASAP when done. IIRC
MEK isn't dangerous, but I treat 'em all the same
because that's simpler than remembering different
treatment techniques for different chemicals.

Xylol/Xylene is a thinner for the older solvent-based
floquil, and can be purchased for IIRC ~ $2 a pint at
Ace Hardware.

There is a yahoogroups named modelairbrush where advice
on spray painting is available. IIRC some good painting
info has also be put forth on the scratchbuilding


Gene Green wrote:

--- In, <rfederle@...> wrote:
Has anyone had any issues with any of these solvents attacking the
plastic or resin (or other materials used in modeling)?
Robert Federle
To heck with the plastic! Will any of these liquids attack my lungs or nervous system? Just kidding :) about the plastic but not about me. My paint booth exhausts to outside and the motor is outside the air path. I can tell by the smell, though, that the exhaust fan doesn't exhaust everything. Will a paint respirator be adequate?
So far Methyl-Ethyl-Ketone (MEK), Toluene, Zylene and laquer thinner have been mentioned. All are flamable, are they not? I know these will kill me or at least cause cancer in California but what about in the other 49 states?
I am sitting on a large stash of old formula Floquil, all of which seems to be OK. I would like to use it up. I can no longer find Floquil Barrier. Is there a substitute for that?
Gene Green
Out in the west Texas town of El Paso
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