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"I seldom use Floquil (never on a car that has to be lettered with
decals), said Richard Hendrickson in message #73750.

Why, Richard?. Is that because of Floquil's flat finish?
Floquil's finish isn't just flat, it's grainy, and if you mix
glaze into it to make it shiny enough to take decals, you end up
thick glop that obscures details - and then you have to apply flat
finish to hide the decals. Scalecoat works much better, IMHO.

Thank you, Richard, for that acknowledgement, which is exactly why
I gave up on Floquil for anything but weathering in 1968, also in
favor of Scalecoat. Even before Scalecoat II I never had any problems
with Scalecoat on plastic either. And it was a great improvement over
what was refered to in New England as Floquil's "paper towel finish".
For and even better paint on plastic, however, one cannot beat
Accu-paint, the difficulties with supply not withstanding. Even Gordon
Cannon used Accu-paint Erie-Lackawanna Gray to coat any parts being
photographed for advertising or catalog purposes.

Don Valentine

Richard Hendrickson

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