Re: Floquil thinner (way-back machine...)

Tim O'Connor

I premix with Crystal Coat (a clearer, nonyellow version of Gloss)
about 1:2 and also as Tony says, spray with low pressure (~10lbs)
and not too far away. It won't be as smooth as Accupaint but it won't
have a paper towel finish either.

But mostly I use Floquil for highlighting, lightening, or weathering.
It is very finely ground, easy to control and less prone to sputter than

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From: Anthony Thompson <>
Ray Meyer wrote (referring to use of Floquil):
Spray on your color and after it has dried, then a coat of Glosscoat
where the decals will go. I never get a visible buildup that way.
Full agreement, Ray. A very thin coat of Glosscoat has always
worked for me. If your Floquil paint layer is "grainy," you're spraying
from too far away and some droplets are drying en route to the model.

Tony Thompson

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