Re: "Lemons" into lemonade


So you are wondering who owned welded 40ft AAR box cars with
8 ft Superior doors? Other than the road names (e.g. Reading) that
Red Caboose has already done?
Well, sort of. Red Caboose describes their RC-8900 as an AC&F 40'
welded box with 10'6" internal height, 4-3-1 ends and 8' doors (the
kit comes with "Youngstown" and "Superior"). Reading is not one of
the roads listed by Red Caboose for this version. They list Maine
Central, WP, WAB, and RI.

I figured that since the list includes WP and RI, that maybe some/one
got relettered as UP. From a 1980 ORER I found several groups. Of
the two for which I could find photos, one was a riveted version
(yoohoo Red Caboose) and the other was a PS-1 that Kadee is already

So, I did do some work; but I got to thinking that this might be a
"top of the head" solution from a member of this group--hence my


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