Re: Swift's Brookfield Butter "Meat" Reefer - four door hinges versions

Malcolm H. Houck

Well Don, let me see if I can help you here. If you look on page #45 of
the Carstens Publications book, Grand Trunk Heritage by Phill Hastings,
you shall find a photo of one "second out", as we railroads use to say, in a
Grand Trunk freight train. The photo is not the best, halftone to be
sure, but you can clearly see it has only two hinges on each door, and is
in the 1950's red and white paint scheme.
I think I have seen another photo of a Swift car with two hinges per

Further to Jerry Stewart's post, on the NYO&W DVD of old O&W movies,
(produced by the O&W Historical Society), there are two clips of Swift reefers
which are equipped with but four hinges per door. One clip is a diesel powered
freight, one of the O&W "Beefers" at South Fallsburgh. The image is brief, of
relatively poor quality, but clear enough to make the identification.

A second image is in a clip at the Middletown yards with a Swift reefer
(also four hinges on the side door) being switched by a steam locomotive. This
image is better than the first.......and also clearly identifiable.

Mal Houck

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