Re: Soo Line boxcar questions

Tim O'Connor

Jim, if the car has Youngstown doors and S-corner ends, then
it's correct for these Soo/WC cars built in 1936.

I expect the cars would have been repainted before 1964.

Ted Culotta's web site is a good reference...

The later 10'6" cars were far more numerous on Soo/WC. The old
Athearn 40' steel box car is actually correct for Soo & IC.

Tim O'Connor

I have acquired a steam era Soo Line boxcar kit, a custom Red
Caboose run offered through Des Plaines Hobbies some time ago.
Boxcar has black $oo Line herald, road number 136182, nominally
a 1937 AAR standard 10'-0" foot inside height car, built date

- Would this boxcar have a Youngstown door or Superior door?
Especially after long service. My available Soo Line boxcar
photos all show later postwar cars, "SOO LINE" billboard
lettering, and all Youngstown doors.

- The 1964 equipment register shows half this series still in
revenue service. Is it plausible that the original Soo paint
would be on such a car after 25-30 years service??

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