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AFAIK, Gregg didn't make many (if any) regular freight cars for the domestic market, narrow or standard gauge. They did make full-sized and narrow gauge rolling stock for export, and some of their Latin American cars would have looked right at home on U.S. lines. They also built industrial four-wheeled cars, lots of them, and many were used on U.S. industrial lines. Dump cars and cane cars seem to be the most common. Gregg supplied a lot of cane cars to Hawaiian sugar operations, though in a railroad sense we usually don't think of this as domestic. They were also common on Louisiana sugar plantations.

I think this topic is only marginal to our charter (exports and narrow gauge being beyond the pale), so this is all I will say. I don't want to land in moderation jail.

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joel norman wrote:

QUESTION:I have a 1952{19th edition}Car Builders Cyclopedia and theres a section with freight cars from a builder named GREGG,looks like there product line all for export,did they build anything for American use??
From there ads and product line they made some neat stuff if your a narrow gauge modeler...both 2 and 3 foot equipment.
Joel Norman


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