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If your talking about baled market pulp not pulp wood the ratio is 1:1.
That is what I had in mind. Although the weight is 1:1 plus a small fraction, wouldn't the cube of the finished product be less. I had the impression that woodpulp might be less dense than the paper. Would 50 tons of woodpulp fit in 40 ft. car ?

> Actually the paper would weigh a bit more due to additives (starch, gum arabic,etc.. ) and whether it's coated or not.

I think we'll have some tank cars of clay slurry coming in. Was it shipped as slurry in 1955, or should it come in the powder form in covered hoppers ? And We'll have the occasional tank car of other materials.

> If the car is clean enough to haul pulp bales it's clean enough to haul paper rolls (which are wrapped with heavy brown kraft paper).

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