Re: New Tahoe Truck

Tim O'Connor

The trucks I bought from Brian came with .088 wheels. Does
Brian sell them w/o wheelsets?

Tim O'Connor

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From: "John Golden" <>
Hi Brian,

Thanks for continuing to bring out much-needed products.

I'd like to offer one suggestion for you, Sir: Many of us have
invested heavily in "P87" Reboxx replacement wheelsets. As you
develop the Buckeye truck and the AAR self-aligning, spring-
plankless double-truss truck (and perhaps others to replace the
Accurail ARA truck truck down the road), I strongly suggest that you
tool them to accept the same Reboxx axle length with the trucks
they're designed to replace/upgrade.

I, for example, have about 80 models equipped with Accurail trucks
with the correct Reboxx axle lengths. I wouldn't drop everything to
buy replacement trucks if I had to re-equip them with new wheelsets


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