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There is now an extensive literature on this for most of the
Western railroads. The Orsi book on the SP has been mentioned. There
are also writings for the GN, NP, Milwaukee Road, and Santa Fe (and
probably more). I would suggest Googling your subject matter for
on-line resources and ALSO for booksellers and libraries.

For anyone interested, there is a book entitled "Profiting From The Plains: The Great
Northern Railway and Corporate Development of the American West", written by Claire
Strom, an assistant professor of history at North Dakota State University, my alma mater.
It deals extensively with James J. Hill's efforts to improve the productivity of farmers along
the GN, with the intent of increasing the amount of agricultural products for the GN to
haul to market. Also, the GN's efforts in this area are also discussed in "The Great
Northern Railway: A History", by Hidy, Hidy, Hofsommer, and Scott.

Robert D. Heninger
Iowa City, IA

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