Re: Farmers' Institutes


There is more information on this program in a book, primarily dealing
with CB&Q, I believe the name of the book is Granger Country. I think
you will find that these program where funded by USDA and the state
land grant univ. Who also sponser the County Agents in each county.
These position exist today in most agricultureal states and include not
only farming and livestock production but also visits to the home and
taught women how to cook, and preserve foods, etc:. These programs
were real popular during the depression and contiued through the post
war years. Not only as a result of the depression but also the Dust
Bowl period that affected a number of the Mid-Western states. New
farming method were being taught to keep the top soil from blowing
George A Walls
formally of Treynor, Iowa

Thank you all for your informative responses. It is interesting to
me that a road as small as the CGW and presumably with a limited income
commensurate with its mileage and position among the Granger roads also
had a program to encourage agricultural development.


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