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California's Northern Electric Railway (later the Sacramento Northern) owned an ex-PRR wooden baggage-express car which was converted into a demonstration car. Cost was shared with the closely-allied Pacific Gas & Electric Co., and the exhibits promoted farm and home electrification. The car made the rounds at county fairs in the NERY service area for about eight years. When the NERY was reorganized as the SNRR in 1918, the car was downgraded to maintenance-of-way service. Photos can be seen in Ira Swett's SACRAMENTO NORTHERN (Interurbans Press and Pentrex, various editions).

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I have been looking back in company magazines from the Chicago Great
Western during the Twenties. I noticed several references to
"farmers' institutes". The CGW even had an old coach converted to an
"instruction car," I believe. The purpose of the "institutes" was to
instruct farmers along the line on scientific methods of farming. Somewhere I read an article about similar institutes along the Great
Northern Railway during the Twenties. I assume that other railroads
operating in the Midwest and on the Great Plains had similar programs.

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