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Did they have to keep the "clay dry bulk hops" in a pool to avoid contamination?

Al Kresse

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It depends on what kind of paper your mill is making.
Tissue 12-25# cu ft
Fine paper 48# cu ft
Kraft paper 54# cu ft
Coated book paper 69# cu ft
Glassine 86# cu ft

Add the variables of dia. and length of the rolls being shipped and how they'll fit into a boxcar (shipped on end so the rolls won't get a flat spot) and the car ratio can be all over the place. Tissue is the exception it would be converted on site.

Pulp bales are 32"x24"x20" and weigh about 400# (50# cu ft) so a little math will give you how many tons per car.

I'll second what Don said about clay loading and add that the starch wouldn't have been bulk loaded in a boxcar, think lots of bags.

Russ Hass

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