Re: paper density

Tim O'Connor


You should check with club members before making such assumptions.
The whole point of the pulp-->paper mill is that it produces fine quality,
coated papers. A kraft mill or newsprint mill would be far larger, consume
vast quantities of sulfuric acid and other chemicals, and would not receive
pulp but would receive vast amounts of pulpwood and wood chips.

The mill is located on the Southern railway, and the C&LE only brings
inbound loads of pulp from New England in 40 ft box cars. The Southern
brings in kaolin and takes out the finished products.

Tim O'

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From: Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

I'm going to assume that we're shipping kraft paper in rolls that can tolerate
the same grade of car as the inbound pulp. After making an allowance for
interior damage, bad orders, imbalance of input an out put, etc., I'm going to
assume I can reload 75 % of the inbound cars.

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