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Jim Sabol

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Given that bridges are not frt cars, discussions about bridges are

Mike Brock
Mike and all: Granted that bridges are not freight cars, but I
guarantee you that freight cars are bridges inasmuch as their sides
and underframes must support both dead and live loads between the
bolsters, analagous to a land bridge's piers. Freight car sides are
sometimes Howe truss (many Milwaukee single-sheathed cars) and
sometimes Pratt truss (many Great Northern single-sheathed cars) and
sometimes plate girder (steel sides). Even the great John Allen "had"
to admit chagrin when a scratch built car side he had begun turned
out "wrong" because he forgot which was Pratt and which was Howe. I
don't mean this to sound smarty pants, but it just sems good to
remind ourselves that the framing inside the walls of both freight
cars, passenger cars, and hood unit diesels do in fact follow bridge
engineering principles. Thank you for listening. Jim here.

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