Re: ADMIN: Bridges Terminated

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tony Thompson says:

"What makes sense to me is to restrict any bridge discussions to
their applicability to freight car design."

Yes. The termination is with regard to stand alone bridge discussion. Discussion about "bridge" designs used in frt cat construction, just as discussion regarding the advantages of wood vs steel, various brake systems or end designs in frt car design is within scope.

"BTW, Mike, I bet those conductors CROSSED plenty of bridges,
without which their runs would have been WAY shorter . . . <g>

True enough...but luckily for frt conductor book covers Laramie to Green River. Had it covered only Sherman would not be true. Nary a true bridge in sight...much to my chagrin <G>. Bridges are neat things...just not on a frt car group.

Mike Brock

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