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Walter M. Clark

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To summarize (if my spreadsheet got everything),
Bettendorf T-section 26,165
ASF T-section 10,764
Columbia Steel T-section 1,253
Symington T-section 100
Tennessee CI&R T-section 500
I gather this doesn't include the gondolas and stock cars in my
Volume 1, nor (of course) the hoppers and tank cars from my
not-quite-yet-issued Volume 5 on those car types. But I think the trend
in numbers is not going to change much.
There is the further problem, Walter, that these designs evolved
with time. For example, compare pages 72 and 94 in my Volume 1 on SP
gondolas and stock cars--and this is just Bettendorf. The _Car Builder
Cyc_ volumes are helpful, but not every design of every manufacturer
was pictured in them, even if you have a complete set available for
examination at a local archive. For more details, additional pictorial
info was in the ads in _Railway Age_ and in _Railway Mechanical
Engineer_ among other journals.
In my opinion it is not useful to ask (or try to answer) "which
model truck comes closest" unless you have an exact prototype with
which to compare. Some modelers, of course, will be content with
anything which looks like a T-section <g>--obviously I'm not referring
to Walter Clark in that comment.

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That's right, Tony. I want all the errors in my models to be there
because I didn't execute something correctly, not because I made the
wrong choice in some part.

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