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Hi group: I not that some refrigerator cars moved with the hatches
partially opened. I understand that some produce needed to be
ventilateded (cool) but not frozen and some were heated in winter to
prevent freezing. But what were the actual regulations contolling
hatch opening?
Shipper could choose--there were no "regulations," though there
was a tariff which specified charges for various services. This is
explained further in the PFE book.
Tony you are of course correct here, but let me add just some
more detail to help the group understand this a little better. The
tariff that covered this was the Perishable Freight, Carriers
Protective Service Tariff. A Shipper could elect to use it for his
shipment, at a charge of course, to protect the lading from
temperature changes by specifying "CPS". This obligated the
carriers enroute to adjust the the venting, and or icing, to
achieve the required optimum temperatures to protect the
loading, what ever it was.
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