Re: paper density

Ian Cranstone

On 1-Jul-08, at 11:34 AM, Malcolm Laughlin wrote:
Thanks Don and Russ for the input. From their density information and other stuff that I've found, it looks like 50 tons of paper would reuquire a box car of about 5555 cubic feet - much more than any car of the 50's. Can someone tell me what were the typical inside dimensions of 40 ft' box cars of that period.
Canadian National Railways and Ontario Northland, both major players in the paper business, utilized their large fleet of 10' (3712 cu. ft.) and 10'6" (3900 cu. ft.) inside height cars for this purpose (CNR would have used more of the latter, whereas ONR only had 10' IH cars). It would be 1964 before CN moved to 50' cars of 11' IH/5092 cu. ft., which became the new standard for this service.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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