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Jeff Coleman

There are two products that come to mind. first is "white liquor" the
caustic liquid that breaks down the wood fibers to make the pulp and a
by-product, "black liquor" which is the liquid separated from the
pulp. Both are transported in tank cars.
Jeff Coleman

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I think we've covered the box car side pretty well. But what about
tank cars. I'm supposing there are some used in the pulp to paper
process that would arrive in tank cars. What is known about that ?


"Standard Tank Car Journeys" ca. 1931 notes the following tank car
commodities as utilized in the manufacture of paper: caustic soda,
chlorine bleach (bleaching paper pulp), alcohol, rosin (coating),
paraffin (waxing paper).

As I understand it, the type of chemicals you need depends on the type
of mill and type of paper.

There were several discussions on this group in the past regarding
paper mill chemicals and mill types. Search the archives with "paper
caustic" and you should get to them - I just did.

Hope this helps,

John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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