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January, 2004 Trains magazine has a Chard Walker photo on page 49 of
a damaged NYC express car (that looks similar to one of these milk
cars) at Summit, California.

The caption reads--"Daughters Judy and Joy were born in '56 and '57.
They're standing on May 1, 1961 in the end of a wood New York Central
express car torn apart by too much drawbar force. Normally just the
coupler knuckle breaks, but in this case the entire end came out of
the car!"

Steve Lucas.

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Marty and group,The NYC and Rutland milk cars were
the same
car,with some minor refinements.Since the Rutland was under
NYC 's
many of the same designs were used including,locomotives ,rolling
stock and
buildings.Armand Premo
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Hi Armand,

Aware of the similarities between the NYC and Rutland cars in
question. I found the Sunshine flyer last night (which is a
preliminary draft for the upcoming Naperville meet) - in the list
new models for 2009 it includes a "NYC Express Reefer" and
Milk Car". I think the "CV" is a typo - as there are no
similarities between the CV's milk cars and the NYC's. I think it
should read "NYC/Rutland" milk car, which would make more sense.

Someone mentioned these cars were used in express service to the
West Coast - I learned that a long time ago when Andy Sperandeo
asked me if I knew of any models of these NYC milk cars . . . it
the first and only time Andy has ever built a milk car (that I know
of . . .!)


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