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I did as some of you suggested and scanned the archives for information on what goes to paper mills. Here's a summary. Tell me if I've got anythiong wrong here.

Our mill is taking in pulp and making quality paper of the sort used for magazines, etc.

We'll need chlorine in tank cars for bleaching.

Maybe suphuric acid to break down the pulp. This isn't clear to me.

Being in the Shenandoah Valley, we're close enough to Georgia to have the option of either box cars or tanks for kaolin - I'll go with box cars for simplicity.

So here are the rough proportions of cars, on a weekly basis to avoid fractional cars.

Outbound paper - 25 cars
Inbound pulp - 20 cars.
Pulp cars reloaded - 15.
Empties in for paper - 10
Kaolin in - 2
Tanks cars - 2 cholorine, 2 acid.

Altogether this gives us about six to eight cars in and out on each operating day, which is about what our yard tracks near the mill will support

Comments ?

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