Re: B&O boxcar red

Bruce Smith

On Fri, July 4, 2008 5:31 pm, rickstern845215 wrote:
I've just completed one of the Sunshine B&O Mansard Roof box cars,
ready to paint it. The instructions say "The paint used on B&O boxcars
was a bright red, but not as deep in tone as a caboose red. over time
this red seems to have faded toward a pink".

I'd appreciate suggestions for a Polly Scale paint mix that would
reflect a slightly weathered paint job. This seems to rule out the
typical boxcar red (brownish), though maybe Mineral Red (mixed with
caboose red??) would be OK?


As with most issues of color, you need to specify a time frame. When new,
these cars were a very brown red. I used Poly Scale Roof Brown with a bit
of Boxcar Red. That might be a bit too brown, but my M-26 in that color
looks pretty good. Post WWII, the B&Os color became significantly redder.
On Virtual Modelers the consensus seems to be Boxcar Red pre 1945 adn
Zinc Chromate post 1945.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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