Re: Car Movement Database

Dave & Libby Nelson <muskoka@...>

From: Jeff English []

Report of Waybills Received at Ellenburg, NY, 7-2-51 through 8-28-
52, 1394 cars
Would you be interested in a data swap?

If you can send me a spreadsheet list of the car initial & number from the
above, I'll return to you on the following day the corresponding ORER data
for each pre April 1950 car in the list.

I'm kicking around some ideas about sampling data and how it relates to
ones own car roster. I've got 1000+ cars off a Southern Rwy conductors book
and am working towards another 1000 or so cars recorded by a UP conductor.
Data from a third region would be a useful.

And if you'd rather not, okay. I understand. I'm sure I'll acquire another
useful conductors book.

Dave Nelson

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