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Paul Hillman

So, would seem that InterMountain is a small (personel)
company, with a large inventory? When they go off to "trade shows"
there's no-one at home minding the store?

I guess I'm just used to, IE.) Walthers or other companies that
are "always there".

Guess I'll wait.

Thanks, Paul Hillman, Houston, Texas

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Remember that the NMRA National convention is next week and the
Santa Fe National convention is this week - in Riverside and Anaheim,
CA. I imagine they are involved with both.
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I've e-mailed Intermountain over the last 3 weeks and receive no
response, about some of their upcoming products.

Their e-mail that I used is:


This is the one listed on their Home Page.

Are they always slow in responding?

Paul Hillman

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