Re: Athearn's Genesis PS2 covered hoppers

Ed Hawkins

On Jul 18, 2008, at 8:37 PM, Schuyler Larrabee wrote:

Athearn did these in ERIE paint, gray, with the large ERIE lettering.
I was apparently completely
preoccupied, probably with something worthless like work, when these
came out, and only recently
found that they'd been issued. My dealer is unable to get them from
Horizon; they just recently
advised him that his "backorder was cancelled."

If one of you happens to see them in a hobby shop somewhere, please
advise me where it is. Thanks.
Just so you are aware, Erie didn't have any 2,893 c.f. PS-2s. Rather,
the railroad had 100 GV-2s (21800-21899, built 7-57) of the same
capacity built by Greenville Steel Car Co. There were some differences
in the Pullman-Standard and Greenville designs; not huge differences,
but differences nonetheless. Having said that, the Athearn PS-2 model
will probably be the closest model produced to the 3-bay GV-2 since
there were only three groups of 3-bay GV-2s ever built (only two in the
STMFC time period). Besides the Erie cars, GM&O received 100 cars in
1957 while D&RGW got 150 cars 7 months too late for STMFC discussion.
Ed Hawkins

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