Re: Athearn's Genesis PS2 covered hoppers

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
"Athearn did these in ERIE paint, gray, with the large ERIE lettering.
I was apparently completely preoccupied, probably with something
worthless like work, when these came out, and only recently found that
they'd been issued. My dealer is unable to get them from Horizon; they
just recently advised him that his 'backorder was cancelled.'

If one of you happens to see them in a hobby shop somewhere, please
advise me where it is. Thanks."

Scott Pitzer replied:
"All I know is that model isn't Genesis. It's 'modern state of the
(blue box) art.'"

We've got to clear up some confusion here. The most recent "Erie
related" PS-2 release is the newly tooled two bay 2600 cu ft model in

It was annouced in January. This is not a steam-to-diesel transition
era kit, but one that 1960s and later modelers have needed for some

The Erie 2893 three-bay car was annouced in March 2007 and is listed as
discontinued on Athearn's website.

Scott, I don't get why you think either model is "vintage blue box".
While it's true that Athearn now has the tooling for the old MDC 2003
cu PS-2, both of the aformentioned are from new tooling.

Ben Hom

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