Re: Athearn's Genesis PS2 covered hoppers

Tim O'Connor


The ERIE GV 2893's had evenly spaced hatches and 70t ASF A-3
roller bearing trucks. If you change the hatches the Athearn
car is a very close match, as Ed says.

BTW they're not Genesis, just Ready To Roll. Evidently Athearn
is discontinuing Genesis freight cars. Some former Genesis cars
are being released as R-T-R.

Tim O'Connor

Just so you are aware, Erie didn't have any 2,893 c.f. PS-2s. Rather,
the railroad had 100 GV-2s (21800-21899, built 7-57) of the same
capacity built by Greenville Steel Car Co. There were some differences
in the Pullman-Standard and Greenville designs; not huge differences,
but differences nonetheless. Having said that, the Athearn PS-2 model
will probably be the closest model produced to the 3-bay GV-2 since
there were only three groups of 3-bay GV-2s ever built (only two in the
STMFC time period). Besides the Erie cars, GM&O received 100 cars in
1957 while D&RGW got 150 cars 7 months too late for STMFC discussion.
Ed Hawkins

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