Re: Athearn's Genesis PS2 covered hoppers

Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor wrote:
Evidently Athearn is discontinuing Genesis freight cars.

This is unfortunate marketing strategy, as "Ready to Roll" covers a
wide spectrum of quality, all the way from built up cars from the old
blue box line to the newly tooled cars such as the 65 ft mill gon, the
SFRD 50 ft ice reefers, and the aformentioned newly tooled PS-2
models. It's like selling manure and ice cream in the same aisle.
Ben Hom


I agree with you about the difference in quality, but Athearn has
already released many newly tooled cars in the R-T-R line that are
very high quality -- those you mentioned plus a number of 1960's
to 2000's freight cars that are also what I would definitely call
"Intermountain quality" or better. Whatever the reason, they seem
to have decided on "R-T-R" and "Blue Box" as their freight car
lines. The strategy may be to get people to buy the old stuff at
inflated prices, by using the newer stuff as an enticement.

I don't think it means we'll be getting no more new models! That
would be tragic. :-)

Tim O'Connor

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