Re: Lima NYC/NISX stock car model

Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 19, 2008, at 7:45 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Richard, I have a scan of NISX 167, a 40ft Mather stock car
lettered for North American Car Co. I also have a shot of a
50ft rebuild of a Mather stock car, NISX 3147, painted green
with a NYC herald. Mike Dudley did a beautiful kitbash of
NISX 3139 that he brought to an RPM meet.

As you correctly point out, these were not steam era cars.
The photos are from the early 1960's

Yes, I have several photos of ex-Mather cars with NISX reporting
marks, but all from the '60s. And I think I was aware that North
American leased stock cars to the NYC just before the Penn Central
catastrophe, though I didn't know they were painted green (and I'd
have expected them to be the same lighter green that NYC applied to
its own cars, not the dark green on the models). Anyway, those Lima
models were a disaster SO twentieth century and typical of the old
days when N "scale" wasn't a scale at all but an accumulation of
bogus toy trains. Those of us who model in HO are well aware, of
course, that the accuracy and detail of the models now available to
us are vastly better than what we had twenty years ago, but the
progress in HO pales in comparison to how far N scale has come in the
direction of real scale modeling. For example, Dalman and National
B-1 trucks in N scale? Who'd have imagined that back in the 1980s?

Richard Hendrickson

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