Seaboard Boxcars

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

Tonight was Seaboard boxcar night. Going thru the ORER data I came across
some interesting things (interesting to me anyway). First there is Seaboard
boxcar 20053, 40'-6" boxcar and an 8'x8' IH, and a whopping 20' x 7'-11"
door opening. What the heck needed a 20' wide side opening,and what sort of
door/carbody reinforcement was required? John Golden do you know? None of
the ORER notes offer any help. Photos anywhere?

Second, I am looking for more information on the 14000-14999 series of cars.
These were 40 6 with 8 7 IH. The ORER says "Box, Closed" in the markings and
kind of cars column. What does Closed mean? Most Seaboard entries have this.
Is this to differentiate for their ventilated cars? Were these 14000 series
cars single sheathed or steel sheathed?

Lastly from a modeling stand point it appears Seaboard turtleback kits are
still available from Sunshine (55.6-55.9) I assume the round roofs are cast
as one thick piece. Is there any top heavy issues with the solid resin roof.
I assume these are not wrapped like the B&O round roof cars, am I correct?
Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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