Re: New Tahoe Truck

Andy Carlson

For those of you contemplating purchasing some of
these trucks, let me add that I am also selling these
to members of this list. The price for the truck
sideframes, less wheelsets, are $3.00/pair plus
shipping. Complete trucks with fat wheels and
semi-scale wheelsets are also soon available for
$5.00/pair. I also have both Dalmanns, and swing
motion caboose trucks in both varieties available for
$3.00/pair less wheelsets. I can be contacted at
<midcentury@...> off-list, please if
interested. Thanks,
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

--- Brian Leppert <b.leppert@...> wrote:

A flyer for Tahoe Model Works's newest offering, an
HO scale "Buckeye
A.R.A 50-Ton Truck" is now available. Anyone
wishing an e-mailed
copy, please contact me off list at
b.leppert@.... Your computer
will need Microsoft Word.

For those who have bought direct from me before or
are on my mailing
list, the flyer is in the mail.

There's one embarressing correction that needs to be
made. The flyer
states that this truck was made from "the late 1930s
until the late
1940s". That should have said "late 1920s". And as
the side
frame has the molded-on end of an ARA design truck
bolster, without a
centered vertical web, I'm pretty sure the 1940s
claim is incorrect.
The sideframe I measured and photographed was cast
in 1949, however.

These trucks with regular RP-25 metal wheelsets are
now ready for
shipping. Trucks with "semi-scale" wheelsets will
be available by the
end of this week, hopefully.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

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