Re: Lima NYC/NISX stock car model

Charlie Vlk

The CB&Q SM-19C cars were built by Havelock Shops in Nov and Dec of 1962. They have
Stanray Diagonal Panel Roofs and 4/5 Improved Dreadnaught ends. The N Scale Lima car
has the same arrangement of truss and slats as the Q car but the roof and ends are incorrect.
Charlie Vlk


No virus found in thiNo, no, and no. The models don't accurately represent any prototype stock cars, as far as I can tell; for one thing, stock cars had long since ceased to be built new before the late style Dreadnaught ends were introduced. North American did not use NISX reporting marks, nor did they lease stock cars to the NYC, during the steam/transition era. And green paint? Whose idea was that?Richard Hendricksons incoming message.

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