Re: Athearn Wood sheathed reefer

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Andy Miller wrote:
"I have been asked to paint an Athearn wood sheathed reefer for my
club. This is the 40' HO model with a 12' running board height and a
dreadnaught steel end."

Don't you mean improved Dreadnaught end? This model is essentially a
wood-sheathed body tooled to fit the roof/end part from the Athearn
steel reefer.

"Does anyone know of a prototype or near prototype for this car? Did
WFEX ever rebuild some of its cars with steel ends and retain the wood
sides? That would be my preference."

There isn't a prototype that matches this model exactly. It's closest
to PFE Class R-40-24, originally rebuilt from older cars in 1948 with
Improved Dreadnaught ends and plywood sheathing. The plywood tended
to weather badly in service (curling at the edges), and was replaced
with wood sheathing in 1955. Therefore, (with the exception of the
wide steel side sills, which are incorrect for this prototype), the
Athearn model represents these cars post-1955. See
Thompson/Church/Jones' _Pacific Fruit Express_ for more information.

Ben Hom

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