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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Ben Hom wrote:
There isn't a prototype that matches this model exactly. It's closest to PFE Class R-40-24, originally rebuilt from older cars in 1948 with Improved Dreadnaught ends . . . Therefore, (with the exception of the wide steel side sills, which are incorrect for this prototype), the Athearn model represents these cars post-1955. See Thompson/Church/Jones' _Pacific Fruit Express_ for more information.
Ben's summary is fine. I covered the Athearn conversion in my modeling article in RMC, March 1987. Another shortcoming of the Athearn model relative to PFE is that the sheathing retaining angle is too high up on the car side. But given all the other problems with the Athearn body, including the door being too short, this is really a small nit.

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