Re: Lima NYC/NISX stock car model

Charlie Vlk

As the thread wandered from the specific Lima N Scale car, I thought I would add some information about the nearest prototype to
the Lima car. I am not defending a car that has been resized to fit a common underframe (in fact, in my role as a consultant have
recommended to Hornby that none of the Lima freight cars are worth refurbishing except as mold bases for new inserts).
The SM-19Cs were an extension of the SM-19A (composite ends) and SM-19B (improved Dreadnaught ends) classes which were 40 ft cars
.... and, while technically beyond the dates of this list, of some interest in that the cars were built as an extension of steam era car types so
late in the game and were constructed as 50 footers with only a change in subclass and not class as would be expected.
Charlie Vlk

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On Jul 21, 2008, at 11:27 AM, Charlie Vlk wrote:

> The CB&Q SM-19C cars were built by Havelock Shops in Nov and Dec of
> 1962. They have
> Stanray Diagonal Panel Roofs and 4/5 Improved Dreadnaught ends. The
> N Scale Lima car
> has the same arrangement of truss and slats as the Q car but the
> roof and ends are incorrect.
> Charlie Vlk
> No, no, and no. The models don't accurately represent any prototype
> stock cars, as far as I can tell; for one thing, stock cars had
> long since ceased to be built new before the late style Dreadnaught
> ends were introduced. North American did not use NISX reporting
> marks, nor did they lease stock cars to the NYC, during the steam/
> transition era. And green paint? Whose idea was that?

> Richard Hendrickson

What's your point, Charlie? Is this intended as a defense of Lima's
toy stock car, the only problems with which are that it was 45' long,
had the wrong ends and roof, and was painted dark green? In any
case, why are you citing the Q's SM-19C class, since it was built
well beyond the cutoff date for this list.

Richard Hendrickson

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