Biggest thing ever transported by rail? . . . up to May 1958

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This is a loaded question. It is is relation to a C&O Chessie NEWS
article from May 30, 1958. It deals with a very large atomic reactor
movement via river barge up the Tennessee River to the C&O at Muncie,
Indiana, up to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and finally over to the Enrico
Fermi plant site 30 miles south of Detroit. Biggest appears to be
defined as a "height [22'above top of rails]and width [14' 6 1/2"]
combo" definition. We are NOT talking about long Butane Tanks that are
almost three flat cars long. The weight was only 91 tons.

Do you have one bigger than the C&O's PR guy's for this time
frame? . . . if so, please related. There were water turbine wheel
assemblies that appeared to have gone down between the rails in special
to meet height requirements.

I'm leaving this question and running off on vacation for some time, so
no real rush.


Al Kresse

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