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Bruce Smith

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Hopefully this is enough within the scope of this list to be okay... it
*is* steam era, and it *is* railway, and it *is* American... made.

On the photo visible in the link above is an American-made tank car that
ended up with the Yugoslavian Railways; the one above was taken in
Belgrade (Serbia) but I've personally seen one in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on
a storage track at the railway museum at Ljubljana-Siska, and what I'm
pretty sure was one of these cars at the Doboj yards in Bosnia.

Technical and other information I can get from the Serbian and Croatian
railway forums, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a model that could be
used to model these cars?


Frank Valoczy

We have talked about these tank cars a number of times here on this list. This is, as you note, a US built tank car. Most likely built for use in WWII. It is s SINGLE compartment tank with 2 domes (note the lack of any rivets for tank bulkheads). Only one dome has a hatch. This construction allowed enough expansion space while maintaining the tighter european clearances.

There is an HO scale model of this car produced by Klein Modellbahn of Austria that might be a starting point for a decently detailed model.

In our last discussion of this car, it was noted that at least one car was likely used in the US on the C&O however this would be an incredibly rare car on US rails ;^)


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