Re: Tank car question

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Frank Voloczy asked:
"...I'm wondering if anyone knows of a model that could be used to
model these cars?"

Bruce Smith replied:
"There is an HO scale model of this car produced by Klein Modellbahn
of Austria that might be a starting point for a decently detailed

Here's a direct link to the model:

Another possible approach is the one used by Mark Feddersen as
detailed in "Tank Car Pleasure: Twin dome kit modifications" in the
July 1988 issue of Mainline Modeler. Even though the articles are
twenty years old, the two Feddersen tank car articles (MM October
1985, July 1988) and the one written by Jeff English (MM June 1988)
deserve a second look, as they are especially creative solutions for
building tank car models for prototypes that are not covered by any

Ben Hom

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