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Many thanks Elden, just the sort of info I was after.

The pics I've been able to find/see of gons laden with crates tend to be
consist pics or yard-wide shots like
ml - the group of crate-laden gondolas roughly in the centre of that pic
is what I'm looking to recreate (well.. actually, I'd love to be able to
recreate the whole scene in HO ^_^ ) but obviously my models will be
viewed at a slightly closer distance and I'd like to be able to get the
packing detail right too!

Might one also assume that such packing/blocking/chocking would have
been left in the car when it was unloaded, so presumably it would be a
common sight to see such debris in the bottom of an empty gondola??

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They were commonly placed on crosswise 4 by 6's (or similar) so
one could get
cables or chains under the load, and then blocked with stacks of
wood blocks
nailed together in as high a stack as necessary to secure the
load from
lateral or endwise movement. The AAR loading rules go into much
detail on
how to secure each type of load. If the crates were tall, or had
a high
center of gravity, they would put pieces of wood up the ends and
diagonals up against them to prevent it from tipping.
Steel-floored gons had
to have cribbing installed since you couldn't nail the blocks to
the floor,
and were much more complicated to secure many loads in. This was
why some
railroads did not have a lot of steel-floored gons, even though
they were
probably more durable. Some shippers insisted on wood floors.

Elden Gatwood


On Tuesday, July 22, 2008 I asked:

When crates were loaded into gons, how was the load restrained
sliding along or across the gon?? Ropes? Chains? Chocks/blocks??

I've got a couple of gons which I want to load with crates, but
I've yet
to find a pic looking down into one so loaded.

London, UK



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