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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

I agree with Bruce.

Many of the new F&C kits are posted retail of $39.99, but are sold at 2 for 1
most of the time, plus the bagged kits are even less. Compare this to high
30's for Sunshine, $42 for some of the Speedwitch, and one can see where the
trend is going. Yes, $32 for one of the earlier kits like the PRR GR gon,
would be a lot; however, given the high quality of the newer F&C releases,
like the X26C (which is REALLY nice), which I did get on a 2 for 1, I view
them as one of the most cost-effective resin kit alternatives.

Elden Gatwood


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Thanks to all who answered.

It looks like their prices went up in the last year. $32 is a little
expensive for a car originally done by West Shore or Yankee Clipper 15-
20 years ago.


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