Re: F&C

Michael Aufderheide

I have posted a PDF of a flyer from F&C enclosed with and order I received last May.  I have been getting flyers via my SASEs and noticed that the bagged kit list does not change much at all from flyer to flyer. From my midwestern standpoint their line is more limited than other resin manufacturers and I can't see myself ordering too much more from them, but I did get a great deal on their bagged kits:  5 for $71 which included a buy one boxed kit get one free.
The bagged kits come with everything but the box, including instructions (such as they are.)
BTW-I remember someone on the list saying that the C&O auto car model that F&C offers is the wrong height.  I have checked the archive and have not found the post.  Does someone else remember this?
Mike Aufderheide

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