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I had the pleasure of chatting with Herald King's new owners, Emma
and Rick
Naylor, this week. Rick requested that I let other modelers know
that they
are back in business under the Herald King name after many, many
years of
inactivity (14 years, I think he said). You can view their on-line
and get contact info by visiting

Not only will they re-issue the old offerings, they will also
custom-run decals in multiple scales. According to Rick, a
ballpark cost
for artwork is $25-30, decal sheets will run around $12-14 each
depending on
number of colors and the minimum order is 15 sheets. Very
reasonable, IMO.

Maybe then again, maybe not. What size "sheet" are we speaking of?
What sort of cost reduction do economies of scale provide with larger

Thanks, Don Valentine

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