Re: B&O M-53 trucks

Ed Sommer

Thanks to all who responded and especially Brian Leppert and Richard Hendrickson.  Like Richard I feel a little foolish right now because I have RPC #9, as well as all the others, and in searching for info on the B&O cars completely overlooked them.  I'll take Richard's advice and use Brian's latest truck.

 Ed Sommer
San Jose, CA

I blanked out on that article, as well as the one on express box cars 
in the previous issue of RPCyc.  After wiping the egg off my face, I 
can now say that at least two of the C-16s had Chrysler FR-5s.  It's 
not clear how many had Buckeye C-Rs, but it appears that most of them 
kept their original AAR cast steel trucks with spring planks and 
Barber lateral motion devices.  As Brian says (and who should know 
better?), neither the Chrysler FR-5 nor the Buckey C-R trucks have 
been done in HO.  In short, none of the trucks on either the M-53s or 
the C-16 express versions can be modeled with dead-on accuracy, 
though Brian's Tahoe Buckeye spring-plank trucks are good stand-ins 
for the trucks applied to most of these cars.

Richard Hendrickson

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