Re: Location of this scene?

Donald B. Valentine

Jeez, Andy, did any part of the Bronx ever look that bad? But I
cannot tell for certain whether the skyscraper showing is the Crysler
Building or the Empire State, though it looks more like the latter.
Which of the two is further north? You would know that better than I
and that might give us the direction in which we are looking. If it
is the Empire State or the Crysler building taken from the Bronx why
is it that more skyscrapers do not who to the left (south) of it?
Note, too, the Borden milk processing plant to the front and right
of the uncertain skyscraper. The fuel dealer, the bridge, the Borden
plant and the nearly empty skyline to the left of the primary
skyscraper lead me to the same conclusion Tim has drawn but to
specify a photo taken from Jersey City or Hoboken looking
northeasterly. Otherwise I would have to suggest from Brooklyn
looking across the southern tip of Manhattan but that bridge really
troubles me with that possible conclusion. Regrettably, I do not have
a list of where all the Borden milk processing plants were located in
the mountain of milk train material here and either location is a
strong possible for such a plant.

Now that I've muddied the waters further I'll leave you both to
draw your own conclusions.

Don Valentine

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I think this may be the Bronx. We are looking over the Harlem
River. There appear to be skyscrapers (Emp State bldg and Chrysler
bldg?) in the distance.

Andy Miller
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I'm guessing New Jersey somewhere... that Blue Ridge
coal and oil dealer may be a clue.

Tim O'Connor

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