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Can't be SFRD due to the 4' wide doors, all SFRD ice cooled reefers had 5' (minimum) doors, as Richard pointed out in an earlier post.??Another clue is the outward opening ice hatches. Until Santa Fe installed mechanical iceing machines, outward facing ice hatches were the norm for SFRD.??The first cars SFRD had with the outward hatches was a class of 40' rebuilds (Rr49's) that also had?raised panel roofs.? SFRD 50' cars did not get diagonal panel roofs, when rebuilt.???

So, could this be a former?PFE car?

Tom C?

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Correct: the photo date is 1955, not 1956.

So does anyone besides me think that reefer may be a Santa Fe (SFRD)
50 foot reefer? It looks like it may have been in a rollover derailment, from
looking at the dimples in the roof panels.

Tim O'Connor

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On Sun, July 27, 2008 9:51 pm, Tim O'Connor wrote:
Was this where PRR put freight cars to pasture? I like
that steel reefer in the foreground...

Tim O'Connor

Some of the cars are probably there waiting to be scrapped but IIRC, the
accumulation of H21s was part of a massive rebuilding program and they
will see the rails again. The steamers are probably in the scrap line.


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