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In addition to Mike's posting as to the location of the shot in the transparency, I can add some further information as regard to the tank engine in the photo also.

The engine is Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal #16, and as you can see it is a 0-6-0 wheel arrangement tank locomotive. It was one of 8 oil burning steam tank engines owned by this company.

The BEDT had their main terminal at South 3rd Street and yard between South 3rd Street and 11th Street and the East River in Brooklyn. They serviced the team tracks, private sidings and Freight Houses in Brooklyn from this terminal. They also serviced the Brooklyn Navy Yard the Pigeon Street Terminal at Long Island City.

To do this, the BEDT received and delivered all the freight cars to and from these locations entirely by car float. They floated cars to and from connections at the following terminals:

B&O, CNJ, Erie, and LV at Jersey City.

DL&W at the New York Lighterage Station, NJ and Brooklyn.

NYC at New York, NY and Weehawken, NJ.

NH at Oak Point, Harlem River NY.

NYO&W at Weehawken, NJ.

PRR at Greenville and Harsimus Cove, Jersey City, NJ.

As you can see the movement of freight cars for just this one small switching road was quite large. This does not count the much larger float operations of the trunk railroads.

I visited the Brooklyn Terminal in 1963 with a friend, Bob Naegle, who worked for a steamship line and lived in the Jamaica area. While there I was able to take a number of photographs of BEDT #16 and #13. Unfortunately, Bob was one of those who lost his life in the World Trade Center attack on 9-11-01.

The information above was taken from the October ORER listings. The transparency with #16 brought back the memories of having taking photos of the locomotives switching the floats in the Brooklyn Terminal.

The #13 and #16 have been preserved. I believe #16 is in the State Railroad Museum at Strasburg. The other may be the engine Strasburg Railroad uses for their Thomas, The Tank Engine Shows several times a year across the street from the museum.

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