Re: Location of this scene -- Bronx, N.Y.


Malcolm Laughlin wrote:


I was rather puzzled this afternnon by that Bronx Terminal photo.
This evening I realized that it is a photo of a model cleverly
superimposed on a real background photo. If you study maps of the area,
you will see that the round freight house was not adjacent to the
bridge. It was actually to the left of the Blue Ridge coal tower.

As for date of the photo, my best guess is late 50's. It can't be
ebfore 1955 when the Third Avenue el was dismantled. The car in the
photo is late 40's. The truck isn't likely to have been around in the
60's. It has to be before 1961 when the Chase Manhattan Building, not
in the photograph, was completed. It was next to 60 Wall Tower. So
that makes the date between late '55 and early '61.

This is interesting as the website author, Tim Warris, states this about
the photo "" This is a very rare shot showing the entire terminal. This
image appeared in Michael Krieger's book "Where Rails Meet the
Sea", which I highly recommend to anyone with an interest in
railroad/water transportation.
Taken in 1944, this image shows the round freight house, yard, and car
float attached to the apron. In the background can be seen the Willis
Avenue and the Tribourough Bridges."

I don't have that book to verify the author's statement.

Yes, he apparently is building both an HO and N scale layout of the

Bob Witt

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